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Can't fault them

I accidentally wore my period knickers not realising that it was going to be an extremely heavy flow day. I was on my feet and did a lot of walking for many hours. Although the top layer was quite wet by the end of the day the underwear was dry, nothing had leaked through. I was impressed but would prefer in the future to use two pants on a day like that just for comfort.

Super soft, and worry free!

I found the material really soft and comfortable! I was worried about the underwear bunching/crumpling as I walk about ten to twelve miles a day (I'm a postie) but I haven't had a single issue.
I usually have a medium flow (only sometimes heavy) and found that changing these first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon was enough for me even at heavier times.
They wash very easily, coming up fresh and dry quickly while maintaining their softness.
Overall I am very pleased and would highly recommend!

Bamboo period underware

Very comfortable although less softy than others of another brand

Lovely pants

When I received these they looked larger than I was expecting them to. I contacted the seller who responded swiftly and I was reassured that they were the right size. Which they were when I tried them. They look great. I am still getting used to the concept but love the pants and the seller customer service was great 👍 thanks

Really comfortable

These are the first period pants I’ve bought, and not only do they look cute, but they are nice and comfortable and can deal with a fairly heavy flow without leaking. Much better for the environment than pads but just as good for feeling secure on bad days.

1 to 10 period underwear with sexy lace

Beautifully soft, makes me feel great and protected but not bulky.

These are the perfect solution to pad waste! I love them, they are so comfy to wear, I love the sophisticated colours and flattering fit. I will be buying more for sure!.

Reusable panty liners

At last I have found the right product for me. So much easier to use than period pants. Very soft and comfortable to wear. They work well when having light periods, no leaks. Wash well too. Five star product.

Comfy and do the job. Lovely colour.

Love them!

I absolutely love the period underwear products! I really care about protecting the environment but I particularly appreciate how much thought has gone into developing a product that not only does this, but also is designed to make women feel good. The pants are comfortable to wear and look really nice and they are also quite easy to look after. I would definitely recommend!

Great product

Comfortable with a good sizing fit

My favourite of these knickers

I've tried a few different brands of these, but these are my favourite - definitely the most comfortable and "normal" feeling. I got 2 pairs to try them out and then came and got more as I know I'll get lots of use out of them.

Very happy

Great product- comfortable and does what it should. Wish I’d tried them a lot sooner.

Comfortable but came up a bit big

I've just started periods after 10 years on an IUD and am now trying to navigate periods for the first time in my 30s! I prefer this to a menstrual cup as it is far easier to put in. The bamboo material feels breathable as opposed to polyester counterparts on the market and I wore all day without leaks. With a heavy period, you feel a bit heavy but I was relieved not to feel wet during the day; the absorbent material clearly does the trick.

Very happy

Comfortable and do the job. Wish I’d tried these earlier.


I love these they are so comfy thinner than other makes and so much better than trying to get a pad to sit inside a normal thong

So soft and comfy

Love these! The leopard ones I got at the same time seem a lot bigger though… but the black are perfect

So comfy

Really comfortable and so much nicer than wearing pads at night. I'm a size 8/10 on my bottom half and bought a size S which fit perfectly. I'll definitely be buying another pair in future.

good quality

doesn’t leak, good quality, have bought more

Excellent period panties

I've decided I really like coloured ones. The black are good to but if its coloured or light it's super super clear when you need to change it.
Obviously you don't have to leave it to last minute but I have heavy periods so I use about x3 or x4 in a day for the first x3 days of my period.

I only have a pad for emergenices I. E... MY PANTS ARE DRYING.

So great

Even though I heard great things about period underwear I wasn’t sure I would like it. I’m a convert now!

Peace of mind

Bought these for my daughter, she finds them really comfortable, and no leaks so perfect. Specially at school, gives her peace of mind

Comfy and clean!

Finally I can be clean and comfy at the same time! Easy wash!

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