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Better than expected

I was very surprised at how good this underwear is. Super absorbent, very comfortable and eco friendly. I wish I had known about them earlier. I will never go back to sanitary products again.

Great patterns!

A little short though and get hot in the heatwave!

Feel great

Love how the fabric feels and great shape too

New changement

My two negatives things will be :
-It keeps an odor after the first rinsing so you have to put it in the machine before you can reuse it.

-Cleaning is not impeccable with 30°

My positives things : I did not have a leak, I used it at work and I was not inconvenienced.

Will buy more in the future.

Really effective and easy to clean. My teenage daughter likes this product.

First time using them.

This is the first time buying these and found them really good. Don’t like using tampons any more and theses are a great idea.

Very comfortable, needed 2/3 pairs on heavy days!

I really liked the idea of these pants because I would like to save the planet! I used them for the first time whilst at work which was a gamble, I have a heavy flow & by lunchtime they were just starting to leak around the sides, so the next day I took an extra pair so I could change at lunchtime! Just as a word of caution to others if yours is a heavy flow, take a spare pair with you! The night towel worked well but to bulky to use as a day towel, I purchased 6 pants in total & need at least another 3! I will continue to use them but until I can afford to buy more unfortunately I will still have to use a mixture of these & disposable towels.


I was a little sceptical about these and had only used disposable sanitary products before but now thanks to these pads I will never use disposable again. These are so much more comfy and really easy to use and clean.

Great product

These have been great for my daughter- it’s made a tricky time so easy for her.

Really comfortable fit, I was sceptical to start but they have been great. Really happy with my purchase.

Very soft and good quality!

Reccomend to anyone

Great, comfortable and easy to wash! It's nice to see differnet styles and patterns in period underwear and great to see them becoming more and more widespread. Only thing is they're quiet high waisted, so just make sure that is the style you're going for


I was a bit sceptical but these are amazing- I’ll be buying more and have recommended them to all my friends!

1 to 10 Leopard period underwear

Supridingly comfortable

Love them

So comfortable and absorbent. Would definitely recommend!


Extremely comfortable, good fit and did the job

1 to 10 Black bamboo fibers period underwear

No leaks.

They feel great to wear, very comfortable! Most of all I feel secure that there will be no leaks.

You absolutely must buy these!

These period pants have genuinely changed my whole attitude towards my periods, I've never leaked through nor feared that since, they're comfortable and make dealing with heavy bleeding so easy. I couldn't recommend them more, I will never use pads or tampons again

1 to 10 Transparent period underwear with laces


Light, comfortable to wear.. really pleased with the purchase


Excellent period pants, very comfortable and no leaking. Even on heavy days.

Super absorbent

Does the job well, can get a little hot as it's fleece and is bulky but the material and size mean no worries about leakage

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